You’re aging yourself 10x faster

Remember my last message to you, which warned of an ingredient which accelerates glycation (a process that’s aging your body) by 10 times?

Most people have no idea how dangerous and poisonous this substance is to their body, and it is everywhere!

What is it?


You need to avoid white sugar and high-fructose corn syrup like a poison – because that’s exactly what it is. You are drastically accelerating the rate at which your body ages when consuming sugar. Important TIP: There are many hidden sugar ingredients you may not recognize on processed food labels, so don’t be fooled.

They are:

  • fructose
  • evaporated cane syrup
  • corn syrup
  • barley malt
  • dextrose
  • fruit juice concentrate
  • maltose
  • maple syrup
  • molasses
  • turbinado

Pretty much anything that ends in “ose”

If you’re a dessert addict (and many of us are), don’t worry! You will find there are plenty of dessert options for you without having to consume any sugar.

The only downside is they’re usually not as convenient as simply buying a bag of candy or a donut at the gas station.

avoidsugarHowever, one thing you can do for convenience sake is buy healthy desserts in bulk at your local natural health store, or (my favorite), make your own healthy desserts at home on the weekend and divide it into portions for each day of the week.

Doing a search online for sugar free recipes will bring up a whole bunch of delicious options that really do taste great. If you’re a chocolate lover, you’re in luck, because dark chocolate that contains little to no sugar is actually very healthy for you.





Slow your body’s aging with this advice

In my last article, I shared information about a process called glycation that your body goes through, which is causing accelerated aging and disease.

Next I’ll show you how to fight back against this, and take back your health and youthful vitality.

In the battle against AGE’s, your best defense is to avoid is anything that causes your blood sugar to rise rapidly to high levels. High blood sugar creates the most AGEs and causes the most damage.

How? You do this by adopting a low glycemic diet that keeps your blood sugar down in the 80-85 mg/dl range. (Glycemic means “causing glucose (sugar) in the blood”, so the benefit of a low glycemic diet is obvious.) You want to balance your blood sugar as much as possible. Rapid spikes in blood sugar are bad.

teaThere’s something called a ‘Glycemic Index’ you can refer to, which uses a 1-100 scale to rate foods based on which cause fast rises in blood sugar and which do not. 100 is the highest point. Avoid anything close to that number. Stick to low glycemic foods, and avoid high glycemic foods. Sugar has a Glycemic Index (or GI) of 100, which is as high as it gets.

Here are some examples of the highest glycemic foods that cause rapid blood sugar spikes: white bread, white rice, starches such as white potatoes, candy (obviously), fruit juice (not so obvious), and pretty much anything that has been processed.

As a general rule of thumb:
High glycemic foods are typically those lacking fat, protein and fiber.
Low glycemic foods are packed with fiber, fat and protein

mindfulnessHearing the word fat may scare you – or confuse you when I say that it’s healthy. You’re partly right, saturated fat is not good. However, monounsaturated is. Your body needs healthy fats, and will suffer without them.

You’ll need to visit the official Glycemic Index for complete information on the glycemic levels of every food ( but here are a few examples of low glycemic foods I consume regularly:

Real oatmeal (not the processed ‘quick oats’)
Coconut oil
Coconut milk
Nut butters
Sweet potato

The way to balance your blood sugar is by eating small meals, as well as healthy snacks, every 2 ½ to 3 hours, instead of 3 large meals spread far apart.  Also, don’t eat fruit on an empty stomach.
There is one ingredient out there more dangerous than the rest, which accelerates glycation by 10 times, and I guarantee you consume it daily. Watch for my next message to find out what it is and how you can avoid it!



Eat this to look younger

Most people are already aware that eating a well balanced healthy diet is a key role in staying youthful and healthy. Wrinkles and aging related skincare issues occur from the inside, and no amount of lotions or creams can fix what’s been damaged inside the body. Sure, they can cover the symptoms for a while, but the reality is that the age old saying ‘ you are what you eat’ really is true. Radiant, glowing skin comes from the inside. The same is true of strong healthy nails and hair, and bright, clear eyes. All signs of youth that can be yours with the proper diet.

Skin Care and Anti Aging

That’s not to say skincare is not important, as it definitely plays an important part of your anti-aging regime, but it’s secondary to diet. No amount of topical skin care can compete with a pro-aging diet that’s destroying your body from the inside.

Although we’ve all heard we need to “eat right” to stay healthy and fight aging, there is a major problem with this extremely vague advice. Much of what we are taught as being a healthy diet is false. The abbreviation for the Standard American Diet (SAD) is often joked about because it truly is sad. What many Americans are taught to eat as part of a healthy diet is not healthy at all. Plus our grocery stores are stocked with processed junk that’s marketed as healthy food, but in reality is toxic to our health and well being.

By the time you finish reading this chapter, you will know not only what is healthy versus unhealthy, but also how to get the maximum anti-aging benefits from your diet, as well as the age accelerators to avoid.

As mentioned before, the food you put into your body every day determines the rate at which you age. Some foods damage the body, causing it to age faster, while others build and repair it.

First, I’ll give you a mini biology lesson to explain what happens to the body when age accelerating foods and beverages are consumed, just to help you really grasp the importance of what you’re learning.

Then, you’ll get specific action steps so you know what to do about it and can take charge of your health from now on.


spaGlycation is one of the major processes that cause early aging and disease. It happens with protein and sugar react with each other in the bloodstream, and form a thing called Advanced Glycation End Products (commonly abbreviated as AGEs).

If you think about what happens to meat as your cooking it (the way it gets hard and brown on the outside), this same thing is what happens to your body from glycation. Glycation quite literally ‘hardens’ the tissues in your body.

The result?
– Loss of skin moisture and suppleness
– Wrinkles
– Arteries hardening
– Kidney failure
– Muscles are less flexible
– Nerves are damaged
– Cataracts

The proteins most prone to this glycation attack are the exact ones you need for a youthful complexion, which are collagen and elastin.

After these proteins are linked with the sugars, AGEs form, and cause the body to age faster.  In short, glycation attacks collagen and elastin fibers, increases inflammation in the body and creates free radicals, which results in wrinkles and saggy skin.

sunblockUnfortunately, even healthy foods will turn to glucose while being digested, and some glycation will always occur, BUT it will happen in a much less damaging way. Plus, many healthy foods have nutrients that fight the formation of AGEs.

I’ll share more about what you can do to reverse this damage in my next message. In the meantime, there’s a video I highly recommend watching and paying close attention to, because there is some shocking information about the beauty industry you’ve likely never heard before. Watch it here à


2 surprising age accelerators

Continuing with yesterday’s message, I’ll reveal some additional ‘hidden’ age accelerators you are likely exposing yourself on a regular basis.

These next two are a surprise to most people, and can’t really be avoided, but there are steps you can take to make the effects less damaging. Keep reading to find out what to do.


avoidsugarYes, we know going tanning or spending all day outside without sunscreen is damaging our skin, but have you ever thought about how much sun exposure you have while driving, or simply sitting at your desk working next to the window?

Sadly, windows do not block UVA rays. Studies have been done that show people in America have more skin damage on the left side of the face, as well as their left arm, versus the right. This is because of extended periods of time driving and receiving sun exposure through the window. This is another reason why it’s important to apply sunscreen every day, no matter what.


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, certain sleep positions cause “sleep lines”, which appear temporarily upon waking up and usually go away during the day, but over an extended period of time (we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, which is 20 yrs at age 60) those become permanent wrinkles etched into the surface of the skin. Side sleepers will wind up with wrinkles on the cheeks, chin, and around the eyes. Sleeping face-down will give a furrowed brow, as well as wrinkles around the eyes. The AAD advises to sleep on your back to avoid these wrinkles.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Most people are side sleepers. If you’re used to sleeping on your side and find it hard to sleep on your back, don’t fret. There are a few things you can do to encourage yourself to sleep on your back. Try sleeping with a U-shaped pillow (the type used for air travel). Or, use a Beauty Pillow. Many of the popular Beauty Pillows on the market are U-shaped.

If you still find yourself waking up on your side, make sure to get a silk pillowcase to minimize skin damage. Using a silk rather than cotton pillow is beneficial because cotton does not slip, meaning it tugs on your delicate skin through the night. Silk is, well, silky, and your skin glides across the smooth surface with no pulling. Another benefit of silk is it prevents hair damage and breakage while sleeping, so you don’t wake up with “bed head”.

These are just a few of many of the things most people are unaware of when it comes to preventing and slowing the aging process, which is why there are only those “rare few” who stay looking so young year after year… after year.

That’s why I always tell people if you really want to know the trick to being that one who looks young, beautiful and healthy and has people wondering what your secret is – then this video is mandatory watching because it spills the beans on all of it, including what the medical industry is hiding from you so they can keep lining their pockets at your expense à .




Are You Aging Prematurely?

Here’s something that may shock you. There are things you’re exposing yourself to on a regular basis that are secretly accelerating your body’s aging process. You are literally causing yourself to look older without even knowing it!

herbsMost of us already know alcohol, smoking, and excessive sun exposure accelerates aging. However there are some not so commonly known age accelerators still lurking out there, damaging your body on a constant basis. You may be surprised how many of these you are exposing yourself to every day.

They are:

Trans Fats

Trans fats are a very specific type of fat that add a hydrogen molecule through a specific manufacturing process. When you see the word ‘hydrogenated’ on a label, that’s the result of this manufacturing process. This is very bad, because hydrogenated oil raises your bad cholesterol while lowering good cholesterol, as well as causes a variety of cardiovascular problems.

Although people have caught on and they’re being removed from some commercial recipes (at a snail’s pace), you still need to watch out for them. Check the labels on everything you have. Even if it doesn’t say it contains any trans fat, throw it out if it has hydrogenated oil in the ingredients.

Chlorine Bleach

Most chemicals are bad for you. Sodium hypochlorite, which is what bleach has in it, is no different. Avoid this and stick with non-toxic cleansers such as baking soda, white vinegar, or alcohol- and peroxide-based products.

Toxins in Beauty Products

Did you know that anything you put on your skin is absorbed through your pores and goes into your bloodstream? I once heard a piece of advice that you should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t be willing to eat/drink. Think about the diseases we see all around us today. Cancer, hormone imbalances, heart disease, depression, memory problems, birth defects, ADD and obesity. There are so many chemicals found in our skin and personal care products, such as DEA (Diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), TEA (Triethanolamine), Dioxin, Propylene Glycol, Parabens, and others. These are the absolute worst; they are carcinogenic age accelerators, that can be directly linked to the diseases I previously mentioned.

These 3 are just a start… start cutting these out today, and in my next message I’ll share even MORE with you. (The next two will really shock you!)

P.S. – These are just a few of many of the things most people are unaware of when it comes to preventing and slowing the aging process, which is why there are only those “rare few” who stay looking so young year after year… after year while everyone else struggles with fine lines, dry flaky skin and a host of other aging issues.

That’s why I always tell people if you really want to know the trick to being “the one” who looks so young, beautiful and healthy and have people wondering what your secret is – then this video is mandatory watching because it spills the beans on all of it, including what the medical industry is hiding from you so they can keep lining their pockets at your expense